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IRAN-GRID Certificate Authority

IRAN-GRID Certification Authority is formed to provide X.509 certificates for identification and authentication purposes related to iranian grid activities in e-science.

The IRAN-GRID CA is established via CMS experiment collaboration. IRAN-GRID CA at beginning will issue certificates for person and host of any organization who has collaboration with LHC experiments, but later will cover other organization (see authenticated organizations) in other branch of sciences which deal with international grid collaboration.

IRAN-GRID CA, is hosted and managed by IPM School of Particles and Accelerators. Users can request personal and host/service certificates via the web interface provided. Also they can revoke their certificate and download root certificate for their usage. Issued certificates are valid for 1 year plus one month. An expiration warning will be sent by e-mail a few weeks before the expiration of the certificate.We don't assume the support nor the backup of the private key of issued certificates corresponding on our CP/CPS.

IRAN-GRID CA was accredited by EUgridPMA (European Policy Management Authority for Grid Authentication) and since 28th May 2008 becomes a member of EUgridPMA. EUgridPMA itself is member of International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF).





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